Elevate Your Online Presence

Unleash web magic with your personal Development Wizard! Captivating websites, powerful apps, and enchanting designs await your online success.

Cutting-edge Frontend Solutions

Elevate your online presence with frontend solutions! From responsive, visually stunning websites to optimized performance, I focus on elevating user experiences. Let's collaborate to captivate your audience and empower your business with our innovative frontend offerings.

Web Development

Responsive and interactive websites built from scratch or using frameworks for a smooth user experience.

UI Design Implementation

Visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that bring design concepts to life.

Website Optimization

Optimizing frontend elements for top-notch performance and lightning-fast loading times.

Responsive Design Solutions

Creating websites that flawlessly adapt to all devices for an optimal user experience.

Frontend Maintenance and Support

Ongoing support and maintenance to keep your frontend codebase up-to-date and functional.

Consulting and Technical Guidance

Dedicated frontend consulting to help you make informed decisions for successful projects.


Denis Pavlovic

FE Team-Lead | Senior React.js / Next.js Developer | Consultant | Contractor



Greetings! I'm Denis, the Web Wizard from Vršac, Serbia. With 4+ years of experience as a Senior React Frontend Developer, I'm passionate about crafting exceptional digital experiences.

Let's work together to achieve remarkable results!


    • React.js
    • Next.js
    • TailwindCSS
    • MaterialUI
    • TypeScript
    • JavaScript
    • GraphQL
    • Apollo
    • MySQL
    • Laravel
    • PHP
    • HTML
    • CSS

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